About us

Who we are

The Bay Area Environmental Health Collaborative (BAEHC) is a partnership of six environmental health coalitions—with more than 30 organizations—working for the adoption of measures to reduce air pollution in heavily impacted communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area of California. The Collaborative’s diverse membership includes community-based organizations, environmental health and justice advocacy groups, and public health experts. BAEHC is partially funded through the Environment Program of The San Francisco Foundation.

BAEHC's Campaign Goals

Our objective is to improve the health of local residents by reducing their exposure to outdoor air pollution in all its forms. Toward this end, BAEHC is building the capacity of communities to have a greater voice in governmental decision-making and working to strengthen air pollution policies at the local and regional level.

Specifically, the Collaborative seeks the adoption of measures by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District that will:

  • Use cumulative impact criteria and a more precautionary approach in the protection of public health
  • Cap and reduce air pollution in communities, especially areas with higher exposures
  • Allow residents to gain easier access to information about air pollution
  • Facilitate community participation in the policy-making process

In addition, BAEHC encourages collaboration among local, regional and state regulatory agencies to protect communities from air pollution problems caused by incompatible land uses.


Contact Us

Mailing address:
Bay Area Environmental Health Collaborative c/o RAMP office
180 Grand Ave. Suite 750
Oakland, CA 94612