BAEHC hires new program coordinator

BAEHC hires new Full Time Program Coordinator (April 2010)!


After a two month search with 41 applicants and 6+ interviews, the Steering Committee approved offering the position to lifelong community organizer Rosina Roibal, who accepted and began on April 12.

Rosina is from Albuquerque and has been active in environmental health and justice issues since she was a teenager fighting for safe drinking water in her school.  (As a result of the campaign she worked on, her school was moved!)  Since then, she has been involved with the Southwest Organizing Project, first as a youth organizer and later as SWOP's arts and culture organizer.  Rosina went to Loyola University in New Orleans on a scholarship and became active in numerous campaigns involving notorious Cancer Alley, as well as other campaigns on campus.  Rosina's advisor said she was easily the "best student and activist" he has worked with in more than 20 years there.  In addition to her ongoing involvement as an EJ organizer, Rosina also worked for seven years as a music teacher in the NM public school system. 

You can contact Rosina at: 415.369.5302, or

Please join us in warmly welcoming Rosina to BAEHC!