BAEHC member Greenaction asks for support in Kettleman City on September 18th 2013!!!!


Dear friends,


El Pueblo Para el Aire y Agua Limpia/People for Clean Air and Water of 
Kettleman City and Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice 
issue this urgent call to action and request for solidarity asking 
everyone who cares about environmental justice and opposes environmental 
racism, and who is able, to come to Kettleman City for the upcoming 
state Department of Toxic Substances Control public hearing on the 
proposed expansion of the violation-plagued Chemical Waste Management 
hazardous waste landfill.

As you know, DTSC has issued the draft permit to expand this toxic dump 
in the town where the state promised to reduce pollution but instead 
wants to dramatically increase pollution. We expect the hearing at 6:30 
on September 18th to be packed with industry supporters and Waste 
Management employees, and Kettleman City residents fighting the dump 
expansion need allies there to stand with them in solidarity. Kettleman 
City is one of the birth places of our environmental justice movement, 
and the fight against the proposed dump expansion is one of the epic ej 
struggles of our time. The hearing will be at the Kettleman City School.

Thanks, Maricela Mares Alatorre, El Pueblo/People for Clean Air and 
Water of Kettleman City
Bradley Angel, Greenaction