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BAEHC Allies ~ Statement of Support


We, the undersigned, express strong support for BAEHC’s mission and recommendations for pollution reduction and improved public participation in overburdened Bay Area communities.

We support BAEHC’s goal of assuring better health for Bay Area residents through enforceable measures to limit and reduce cumulative air pollution, particularly in communities that are heavily burdened or especially vulnerable to the adverse effects of exposure. 

We support BAEHC’s goal of building community capacity to effectively participate in and influence regulatory decision-making, by expanding opportunities for meaningful public participation by ensuring effective language assistance for limited English-speaking populations; improving the public accessibility of pollution and related health information; and expanding public notice, comment and hearing procedures for proposed permits and regulatory proceedings. 

BAEHC can call on us to offer support for future actions, events, and public comments.  We look forward to working with BAEHC to achieve environmental health and justice for Bay Area communities!




Environmental Law and Justice Clinic, Golden Gate University School of Law (ELJC)


Bayview Hunter’s Point Environmental Health and Environmental Assessment Task Force
Breathe California
Chinese Progressive Association
Ditching Dirty Diesel
Environmental Law and Justice Clinic, Golden Gate University School of Law
Communities for a Better Environment
Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice
Healthy San Leandro Collaborative
People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights
Regional Asthma Management and Prevention Initiative
West County Toxics Coalition
Asian Pacific Environmental Network
Hayward Citizens Against Pollution
Global Community Monitor
Science and Environmental Health Network
West Berkeley Alliance for Clean Air and Safe Jobs