BAAQMD is developing a Public Participation plan

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is currently developing a Public Participation Plan to guide the Air District's efforts in engaging with stakeholders. Below is the Plan and BAEHC's comments to improve the plan.

Here is the proposed plan:

BAAQMD releases revised draft methodology for Identifying Areas Impacted by Air Pollution in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) has released their revised draft methodology for identifying areas impacted by air pollution.

We, the BAEHC has been highly involved in improving this methodology and has pushed BAAQMD to include RACE as a factor. 


Read here BAEHC's comments that we submitted in July of 2013.



Air pollution and asthma-part 1 of a series rom Bay Area News Group


The Bay Area News Group (which publishes the Oakland Tribune and the San Jose Mercury News) is in the middle of publishing a series on asthma. One of their first stories talks about the problem of air pollution and its connection to asthma. Here’s the link to the series.


BAEHC testified at BAAQMD for clean air on Cumulative Impacts

Here is a webcast of the board meeting, where BAEHC members asked the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to adopt BAEHC's Cumulative Impacts resolution and work with us on writing regulation to address Cumulative Impacts.


1300 postcards were delivered to BAAQMD that were signed by Bay Area residents asking BAAQMD to adopt BAEHC's recommendations.



Playing It Safe: Assessing Cumulative Impact and Social Vulnerability through an Environmental Justice Screening Method in the South Coast Air Basin, California

This article titled "Playing It Safe: Assessing Cumulative Impact and Social Vulnerability through an Environmental Justice Screening Method in the South Coast Air Basin, California" by James L. Sadd , Manuel Pastor , Rachel Morello-Frosch, Justin Scoggins and Bill Jesdale was just published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.



CEQA threshold delayed yet again

Today the Bay Area Air Quality Management District voted to delay the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) risk and hazards for receptors threshold to be implemented May 1, 2011. This is another six- month delay. The Air District staff asked the board today for a delay because they've been receiving pressure from developers and affordable housing groups who seem to care more about profits than community health.

Toxic Triangle Hearing article: The Cost of Pollution

"Richmond has the same problems: The Bay Area Environmental Health Collaborative has collated data showing Richmond has both high levels of diesel particulate pollution and the highest levels of child asthma hospitalizations in all of Contra Costa County."

Read more of the article by Anne Brice from the Richmond Confidential:

BAEHC pushes BAAQMD to improve and expand outreach to community residents

Members of BAEHC attended the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Board Community Outreach Committee meeting yesterday, October 25th, 2010, to make public comment on BAAQMD's slow progress around Public Outreach.

Read our Public Participation letter to the board of BAAQMD, and sign on in support as an ally organization!

BAEHC seeks pollution reduction through better land use planning


For years, EJ advocates have struggled against the siting and expansion of polluters in their neighborhoods.  Residents have lived with impacts of exposure to multiple pollution sources, which will only grow with the need for greater transit-friendly housing and jobs.  Yet when advocates have fought against BAAQMD to prevent further pollution in their communities, the response has often been that this is a local land use matter.  BAEHC has urged BAAQMD to collaborate with local jurisdictions to ensure that risks in overburdened communities are

BAEHC urges strong EJ protections for clean air rules

On September 15, 2010, the BAAQMD Board of Directors is scheduled to adopt its 2010 Clean Air Plan (CAP), which sets the air quality agency's regulatory priorities for 2010-2010.  BAEHC recently proposed our own priority recommendations for implementing the CAP, urging BAAQMD to include more ambitious pollution reduction goals and stronger measures to protect health in overburdened communities.  In April 2010, BAEHC submitted public comments on the draft CAP.